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Customer Satisfactions

  • From Richard in Germany:

    Hi Ben,Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team, you had a good performance on VXF-72V0233 productions leadtime, I know May beginning is your holidays, finally the high quali...

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  • From Angelia in Poland:

    Hi Gloria, Thanks for your following, glad to had chat with you in exhibition, I think you CDX is proper to our product structure and we will send some inquiries after we back Poland.

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  • From Suraj in India:

    Hi Ben, I think your suggestion on the panel design can be worked, so we can make cost down now for KAWU production, thanks for your help and I will send more series RFQs to you!

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  • From Maria in U.S.:

     Dear Gloria,Good news, your factory\'s sample was passed on customer product, then I think  CDX capabilities is no problem now, we will consider to meet your shop next week an...

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  • From Eric in Russia:

    Dear Mario, Good day! Many appreciation for your work on my job PN:AT901BS_v2 , I received it 3 days early than my expect date . it would help me to meet my customer's ship date. Thanks for your help again!

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    SHENZHEN CHANGDONGXIN PCB CO.,LTD  was set up in 2007, it is a professional PCB manufacturer which specializes in manufacturing high-density Double-sided PCB, Multilayer PCB, and special material printed circuit boards, serving for both domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises and research units. Layer count covers from 2L to 20L, including normal FR4, High-Tg, heavy copper PCB, Aluminum/Metal-based PCB, Hybrid PCB and HDI etc. 

    Our eternal and ultimate service aim is anxious what customers anxious, view their requirements as our requirements, and take the quality as the root and the service as orientation in the development process. We unit as one, strive together, committing to building a topping enterprise and culture.