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Customer Satisfactions

  • From Richard in Germany:

    Hi Ben,Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team, you had a good performance on VXF-72V0233 productions leadtime, I know May beginning is your holidays, finally the high quali...

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  • From Angelia in Poland:

    Hi Gloria, Thanks for your following, glad to had chat with you in exhibition, I think you CDX is proper to our product structure and we will send some inquiries after we back Poland.

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  • From Suraj in India:

    Hi Ben, I think your suggestion on the panel design can be worked, so we can make cost down now for KAWU production, thanks for your help and I will send more series RFQs to you!

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  • From Maria in U.S.:

     Dear Gloria,Good news, your factory\'s sample was passed on customer product, then I think  CDX capabilities is no problem now, we will consider to meet your shop next week an...

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  • From Eric in Russia:

    Dear Mario, Good day! Many appreciation for your work on my job PN:AT901BS_v2 , I received it 3 days early than my expect date . it would help me to meet my customer's ship date. Thanks for your help again!

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Date: 2015-09-16 19:01:44     From: 原创

There are many different kinds of Chinese food,people eat with dish,same as electronics need pcbs.Electronics are nothing without pcb,what are the most popular Chinese dish for foreigners?Top 10 are sweet and sour pork,Gong Bao chicken and spring rolls.Our CDXPCBs also have many different types,such as heavy copper board,high frequency board,communications pcb,automobiles pcb,security and protection pcb,led lighting board,consumer electronics pcb etc.Don’t say I am long-winded,nowadays its not easy to ear money,so I use all my strength to write this article.OK,to return to the subject,I’m going to introduce the top10 foods to you!

NO.1Sweet and Sour Pork    

This  one must state in the first for no one can refuse the mixed taste of sweet and sour with bright and colorful appearance.Someone wrote sweet and sour chicken(no pork)means it has been perfectly changed by foreigners.

       NO.2:宫保鸡丁Gong Bao Chicken

       This has been proposed by many people from different country.In China,it has been the classic of classics.

       NO.3:春卷 Spring Rolls

This one can be here is understandable,we can see how Chinese dessert ,especially Cantonese food influences foreigners!  

       NO.4:炒饭 Fried rice with egg In a state visit,Hongzhang Li command his cook make a dish that Chinese like eating,foreigners also like eating .The clever cook straight to the kitchen,rolled his sleeves to cook a fried rice.This suits both refined and popular taste gained the praise of diplomats,and zhongtang Li also get so many scenery.

      NO.5:麻婆豆腐 Ma Po Bean Curd

Maby there is no cuisine can use the hot pepper like Sichuan food.Sichuan dish’s position now just because of one word spicy.Western-style food has no way to surpass,and what do foreigners do is only to eat and praise.

      NO.6:饺子 Dumplings

    There is a phrase in China:good taste but dumplings.It serves to show dumplings’component in Chinese food.And the change of dumplings is vary,covers the essence of Chinese culture.So it’s a dish  can represent Chinese most.Actually fried dumplings is also very popular in forergn country,this should be more related to dumplings. 

       NO.7:馄饨 Won ton Soup

       Western food pasta absolutely has no such meticulous and refreshing way.

       NO.8:烤鸭 Peking Duck

       Because its special fame and long history,so all the foreigners in China want to try it .(I hope our CDXPCB can be so famous everywhere oneday.)

       NO.9:炒面 Chow Mein

     I nearly have a reaction when foreigners speack Cantonese Chow Mein,after understanding ,I have to admire  the Guangzhou people do made a contribution in terms of change foreigners eating.

       NO.10:腰果虾仁 fried shrimps with cashewnuts

     Shrimp has rich nutrition,the meat is soft,easy to digest,it can protect cardiovascular system and prevent cardiovascular disease when fried with cashew nuts.Whats more,the shrimp is soft,cashew nuts are crispy.How can Chinese and foreigners not love?

     Ok,come to the end。I am wondering whats your mental state when you are reading this food article,whether your mouth is watering three thousand feet??

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