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Customer Satisfactions

  • From Richard in Germany:

    Hi Ben,Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team, you had a good performance on VXF-72V0233 productions leadtime, I know May beginning is your holidays, finally the high quali...

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  • From Angelia in Poland:

    Hi Gloria, Thanks for your following, glad to had chat with you in exhibition, I think you CDX is proper to our product structure and we will send some inquiries after we back Poland.

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  • From Suraj in India:

    Hi Ben, I think your suggestion on the panel design can be worked, so we can make cost down now for KAWU production, thanks for your help and I will send more series RFQs to you!

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  • From Maria in U.S.:

     Dear Gloria,Good news, your factory\'s sample was passed on customer product, then I think  CDX capabilities is no problem now, we will consider to meet your shop next week an...

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  • From Eric in Russia:

    Dear Mario, Good day! Many appreciation for your work on my job PN:AT901BS_v2 , I received it 3 days early than my expect date . it would help me to meet my customer's ship date. Thanks for your help again!

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Composition analysis of CDXPCB

Date: 2014-10-30 20:25:24     From: CDXPCB
The circuit board is mainly composed of a pad, holes, mounting holes, wire, components, connectors, filling, etc. the electrical boundary, the main function of each part are as follows:

Pad: used for welding metal hole of the pin of the component.

Vias: metal via non metal through hole, wherein the metal through hole used for connecting each layer between the pin of the component.

A mounting hole used for fixing the circuit board.
Conductor: used for electrical network connected with the pin of the component of copper film.
Connector: used to connect components between circuit boards.